Leveraging our core practice areas, as a FileMaker Pro developer, we often tie FileMaker and Web solutions together. Other common integrations include Email, calendaring, MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks, Google Maps, phone systems, and many more.

Custom Web Publishing

For integrating FileMaker into web applications, Custom Web Publishing with PHP allows an API-driven approach.


FileMaker WebDirect gives users a one-click access to FileMaker solutions in a browser without writing a line of HTML or PHP. As a FileMaker pro developer, we can design and optimize a database for WebDirect and assist with server configuration.


FileMaker Go is a free, downloadable iOS app that brings FileMaker to iPhone and iPad users. On Android, we leverage WebDirect. Leumas Design ‘s FileMaker developers excel at building custom interfaces and optimizing solutions for mobile use.


FileMaker acts as a good citizen for IT security needs. It can integrate with Active Directory or Open Directory authentication services, fully encrypt network traffic, and provide application-level control over both data and interface access.

Support & Maintenance

We respond to incoming requests for task-driven initiatives and can work quite quickly to make updates to a system.

Enterprise Ready

Leumas Design’s team of FileMaker consultants has helped create many of the best practices in the FileMaker industry and can manage projects to fit well with the greater needs of an IT organization.

Authorized Reseller

As a full-service consulting firm, we provide software (including FileMaker) and cloud hosting at a discount. Contact us today for a quote.